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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Doc appointment

Had a doc appointment yesterday, ya real fun. I got to stand on the big scale and it said 23.5 lbs, well tat must be good because everyone was smiling. Then nurse made me lay down to check how tall I was, 32.5 inches, soon I will be taller then Dad(I already have more hair then him, don't tell him).
The doctor came in and said all looks good and keep up with the stuff I'm doing, but then there was a bunch of whispering between Mom and the doctor so I started to figure something must be up.
Doc left and I was ready to go but Mom and Dad just sat there like two bumps on a log, well................
now I know why, I had to get three shot. Did I not get enough shot when I was In the hospital? Guess not. So I figured if I had to go though it I would also let everybody know I did not like it, Wow the lungs are really starting to come around.
We got home and Mom had to go to work and I was tired so I figured I would hit the hay early.
Got back up around 9:30pm and had a late dinner, well tried but I fell asleep in Dad arms, I guess I was more tired then I figured.

Love Tess

Thursday, February 21, 2008


well sorry its been so long but I haven't had a lot of time to get on the computer as I've been busy trying to learn how to walk. Its coming along good, I can walk all over the house and it so fun to see Mom and Dad scramble when I crawl up on stuff and pull stuff down to get a better look at it.
I'm finally getting some words out, I really can't figure it out, I've been talking for like 16 weeks but no one could understand me, so I had to learn the parents language and now they can under stand me. Words I can say now, Dada, Mama, cat,dog, Tessa and NO, the "NO" thing is pretty cool as it makes everyones head turn.
I will try to sweet talk Dad to load some pictures, WAIT............................................................................
I thought Mom was coming, I don't think she would understand that I can type and not speak full sentences.
So I got to go so I will try to update more and get the parents to load some pictures.


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